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MAR2PROTECT present at the COIL-9 2023!

MAR2PROTECT present at the COIL-9 2023!

Ana Pereiro (from NOVA FCT) was a speaker during the COIL-9 the 24th of April. She explained what the project MAR2PROTECT is all about and how to prevent contamination related to global and climate change. 

The COIL-9 (Congress On Ionic Liquids) is the main event in the broad field of ionic liquids and is being hosted in Lyon from the 24th to the 28th of April 2023.

The event aims to showcase the latest developments in ionic liquid and its related fields creating an interdisciplinary community concerned with materials and processes. 

Thank you Ana for this exciting session! 



The LAQV (Laboratório Associado para a Química Verde) has published an article about the MAR2PROTECT project!

Since February 2020, they have produced a monthly ‘Almargem Newsletter – Water Special Edition‘, which includes an opinion article or a presentation of good practice projects somehow related to the efficient use of water.

The newsletter has counted on a number of different themes like: wastewater, land management, reforestation projects, etc.

‘Almargem’s Newsletter – Special Edition Water’ reaches about 1600 readers, among Almargem’s members and newsletter subscribers.

If you wanna read all about it you can do so in the following link.