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Katwijk, Netherlands

Due to the rapidly increasing water demand resulting from population and economic growth, the water utility DU needs to start treating surface water from a Lake before infiltration in the Berkheide dunal aquifer. Managed Aquifer Recharge using water from the nearby Lake Valkenburg has been identified as the best strategy for long-term aquifer protection and preservation. Fed by the river Old Rhine, it is increasingly contaminated by salinity (salt intrusion from the sea) and micropollutants. Therefore, treatment of the lake water is needed in order to prevent groundwater contamination resulting from Managed Aquifer Recharge.

Demosite leader: Sergio Salinas



Utility: Dunea Duin & Water (Netherlands)



Climate & global change expected

North Atlantic climate; high water vulnerability, clear  climate change effects that can strongly affect the coastal dunes

Groundwater protection technological approach

Managed Aquifer Recharge  of dunal aquifer using surface water

Societal and policy context

High societal concern about water pollution, low about drought.
Minimum progress towards Water Framework Directive implementation


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