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In a significant milestone towards enhancing the prevention of groundwater contamination, the esteemed partners of MAR2PROTECT met this week the International Advisory Board in a collaborative effort to improve groundwater quality and quantity. 

MAR2PROTECT is a pioneering initiative, funded by Horizon Europe programme, dedicated to provide a holistic approach to prevent groundwater contamination from the impacts of climate change and global change, through different innovative technologies.

The main idea consists in a tool supported by Artificial Intelligence that will receive real-time information from sensors placed in risk locations where the technologies will be implemented, among other vitally important information (innovative technologies, preferences of social agents, risk assessment…). 

The tool will allow a new generation of Managed Aquifer Recharge approach to improve groundwater quality and quantity. The core of the innovative Managed Aquifer Recharge is the M-AI-R Decision Support System which will incorporate technological and societal engagement information using an Artificial Intelligence-based evaluation to improve groundwater quality and quantity 

The meeting was marked by engaging discussions and strategic planning sessions, with the primary goal of fostering a multidimensional approach to address the evolving challenges in groundwater contamination. The diverse expertise of the International Advisory Board members complemented the technical prowess of MAR2PROTECT partners, creating a synergistic environment conducive to innovation and strategic thinking. 

🤝 Key Highlights from the Meeting: 

  1. Comprehensive Risk Assessment: Participants delved into a comprehensive analysis of current and emerging threats to groundwater, taking into account geopolitical dynamics, technological advancements, and environmental considerations.
  1. Technology Integration: MAR2PROTECT partners showcased their latest advancements in sensoring, modelling and the societal engagement level for each of the demosites. The International Advisory Board provided valuable feedback on the practical implementation and scalability of these technologies.
  1. Policy and Regulatory Frameworks: Discussions also centered around the necessity for collaborative efforts to shape effective policy frameworks that address groundwater pollution on a global scale. The meeting highlighted the importance of aligning technological innovations with regulatory requirements as well as societal engagement.
  1. Capacity Building and Training: Recognizing the importance of human capital in ensuring those challenges, the partners explored the progress of the Living labs methodology implemented, where a series of interaction Events are being planned to cocreate innovative solutions.

🌊 Two days for a General Assembly 

The week started with a two days internal meeting where partners shared their progress and next steps and discussed about different challenges faced such as Sensoring, Demosites situation, Life Cycle Assesment or societal engagement. 

On 1 February, the project will also bring together the International Community of Practice made up of experts from different non-EU countries in the field of the impact of Climate or Global Change on Groundwater and international representatives of high-impact institutions. The objectives of these meetings are to promote the co-creation and exchange of experiences, challenges and solutions, to train actors in adaptation to their local contexts or to promote the replication of the opportunities discovered. 

Stay tuned for further updates as MAR2PROTECT strives to prevent groundwater contamination.