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Lima river estuary, Portugal

The Lima River Estuary, the end member of an international watershed in NW Portugal, receives diffuse pollution from agriculture, untreated urban and industrial wastewater. Several micropollutants have been detected in the estuarine sediments and surface water, which can generate a risk if transported to the aquifer. During tides, salt intrusion extends up to 20 km upstream from the river mouth, which can limit the possibility to use water for irrigation or drinking water production. Extreme weather events can also cause relevant erosion problems

Demosite leader: Marisa Almeida

Entity: CIIMAR



Climate & global change expected

Atlantic climate; some pollutants detected that might affect the aquifer

Groundwater protection technological approach

Protection of estuarine environ. & aquifer

Societal and policy context

Medium societal concern about water pollution, high about drought.



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