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Marbella, Spain

Señorio is a coastal aquifer located in Marbella (Spain), potentially affected by salinity intrusion due to decreasing natural groundwater recharge and increasing water demand. The challenges faced during MAR2PROTECT project are: validate the robustness of Managed Aquifer Recharge suitability and feasibility mapping techniques, predict the effect of climate change on groundwater chemical status and perform vulnerability maps through a model-based tool (REACH Tool), test the use of Earth Observation techniques to assess subsidences related with Managed Aquifer Recharge and integrate the optical sensing system to the M-AI-R DSS.

Demosite leader: Sara Espinosa Martínez 



Affiliated partner: AQUATEC 




Climate & global change expected

Mediterranean climate; high water vulnerability; semi-arid places; clear climate change effects; increase of surface water temperature

Groundwater protection technological approach

Managed Aquifer Recharge from upstream aquifer

Societal and policy context

High societal concern about water pollution and drought.
Significant progress towards Water Framework Directive implementation



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