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33rd European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics 2024

The School of Engineering, the University of Edinburgh is proud and excited to host for the first time the ESAT meeting! 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of ESAT which was first held in Germany in 1974 and is a truly European conference. The meeting will take place at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, on June 9-12, 2024.  MAPS ESAT2024@ed.ac.uk The abstract submission platform […]

7th International Symposium on Biosorption and Biodegradation/Bioremediation


7th International Symposium on Biosorption and Biodegradation/Bioremediation – BioBio 2024 MAIN TOPICS * Environmental pollution (soil, sediment, air pollution, marine pollution) * Biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds * Green technologies (bioremediation technologies), microalgae-based biorefineries * Phytoremediation, Phycoremediation, Mycoremediation and Composting * Water pollution & wastewater treatment * Microbial diversity and biodegradation of pollutants * Plastics & […]

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

Toronto Canada

This edition of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition will engage stakeholders and key contacts within the conventional water sector and beyond. It will bring together core water sector groups, such as those focused on urban water and urban water services, as well as participants from industry and agriculture, architects and urban planners, soil […]