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Frielas, Portugal

Frielas wastewater treatment plant belongs to AdTA and is linked to the West edge, Tagus alluvium, and Tagus-Sado basin (left bank) aquifers, affected by the relevant salt intrusion. This wastewater treatment plant discharges treated effluent into the Tagus basin and treats 70 000 m³/day. The discharge of emerging pollutants, expected to increase with population and industrialization rise, has a serious impact on MAR implementation and acceptance.

Demosite leader: João M. M. Araújo

Entity: NOVA


Utility: Águas do Tejo Atlântico (AdTA)


Climate & global change expected

Atlantic climate; Europe ‘hotspot’ to adverse climate change effects; highly populated region and vulnerable area to pollution

Groundwater protection technological approach

Managed Aquifer Recharge using waste water

Societal and policy context

Medium societal concern about water pollution, high about drought.
Minimum progress towards Water Framework Directive implementation



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