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MAR2PROTECT present at the COIL-9 2023!

MAR2PROTECT present at the COIL-9 2023!

Ana Pereiro (from NOVA FCT) was a speaker during the COIL-9 the 24th of April. She explained what the project MAR2PROTECT is all about and how to prevent contamination related to global and climate change. 

The COIL-9 (Congress On Ionic Liquids) is the main event in the broad field of ionic liquids and is being hosted in Lyon from the 24th to the 28th of April 2023.

The event aims to showcase the latest developments in ionic liquid and its related fields creating an interdisciplinary community concerned with materials and processes. 

Thank you Ana for this exciting session! 



The LAQV (Laboratório Associado para a Química Verde) has published an article about the MAR2PROTECT project!

Since February 2020, they have produced a monthly ‘Almargem Newsletter – Water Special Edition‘, which includes an opinion article or a presentation of good practice projects somehow related to the efficient use of water.

The newsletter has counted on a number of different themes like: wastewater, land management, reforestation projects, etc.

‘Almargem’s Newsletter – Special Edition Water’ reaches about 1600 readers, among Almargem’s members and newsletter subscribers.

If you wanna read all about it you can do so in the following link.


Eternal pollution: MAR2PROTECT at Expresso50

Eternal pollution: MAR2PROTECT at Expresso50

The MAR2PROTECT project has appeared in the media Expresso 50 (Portugal) by the hand of our project coordinator Ana Pereiro who was interviewed about the recent discoveries of chemicals in european waters.

An European consortium of journalists (Forever Polution Project) has mapped -for the first time ever- the sites in Europe where there have been found concentrations of one of the most harmful chemicals: PFAS (perfluoroalkyladesubstances).

The first studies about these contaminants are just starting in Portugal and as Ana Pereiro said for this post in Expresso 50: “We should have started working on these studies 20 years ago”. 

These substances known as “eternal chemicals” are widely used and found in the environment: more than 17.000 sites across Europe are contaminated with PFAS and about 21.000 other sites are “presumably contaminated”. 

MAR2PROTECT takes into account the EU’s planned zero pollution targets for 2030 and the impact of climate change on groundwater contamination.

The project is also working on new ways to treat or clean up chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals present in wastewater. However, for these instruments to be widely applied “it is necessary that the European legislation requires it”.

Learn more in the following link


MAR2PROTECT collaboration with cluster projects HORIZON-CL6-2022-ZEROPOLLUTION

MAR2PROTECT collaboration with cluster projects HORIZON-CL6-2022-ZEROPOLLUTION

MAR2PROTECT started a collaboration with cluster projects HORIZON-CL6-2022-ZEROPOLLUTION which seeks to halt and prevent pollution by focusing on:

  • Removing pollution from fresh and marine waters, soils, air, including from nitrogen and phosphorus emissions;
  • Substituting harmful chemicals;
  • Improving the environmental sustainability and circularity of bio-based systems; and 
  • Reducing environmental impacts of and pollution in food systems.  

Water Europe will play a coordinating role in setting a proposal for an action plan for the cluster.

The first meeting will be held on the 9th of March 2023 from 9:30 to 12:00.

The agenda for the first cluster meeting and the proposal for the action plan are still being developed but we will keep you posted in the future!

We also want to thank the REA and all of the participant projects: