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Emilia-Romagna, Italy

The Ravenna coastal aquifer (Emilia-Romagna) is affected by overexploitation, relevant saline intrusion, and diffuse pollution from agriculture. Climate change and increasing water abstraction due to increasing population and agricultural production are expected to increase these problems. Managed Aquifer Recharge with treated wastewater from coastal wastewater treatment plants has been identified as a promising solution to ensure a long-term sustainable management of the aquifer. MAR2PROTECT will therefore develop an innovative tertiary treatment of the selected effluents, based on a combination of chemical, physical and biological processes, to limit the potential impact on the coastal aquifer.

Demosite leader: Dario Frascari

Entity: UNIBO


Utility: Holding Energia Risorse Ambiente (HERA)


Climate & global change expected

Mediterranean climate, high subsidence, industrial site with high growth expected; sea
level rise; loss of wetlands & dunes

Groundwater protection technological approach

Managed Aquifer Recharge using waste water

Societal and policy context

Medium societal concern about water pollution, high about drought.
Significant progress towards Water Framework Directive implementation


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