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The MAR2PROTECT project was presented on February 8, 2024 at the University of Bologna, in the framework of a conference entitled “Innovative approaches to wastewater treatment and reuse in the era of climate change: the MAR2PROTECT, StopUP and WATERUN and projects”.

The conference, attended by 155 participants from academia, water utilities, public institutions and technology providers, was articulated in a first session dedicated to the management and treatment of urban runoff and combined sewer overflow, and a second session focused on the removal of micropollutants from wastewater and its reuse for managed aquifer recharge.

The event ended with a round table on the future perspectives of wastewater treatment taking into account the proposed revision of the EU wastewater directive. The conference included a large participation of members of the LivingLab relative to the Italian case study of MAR2PROTECT, and of the Community of Practice relative to the Italian case study of the StopUP project.