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This last 2nd of December, the MAR2PROTECT project appeared in the Aqua Fórum 2022 by the hand of the project coordinator Ana B. Pereiro from NOVA.

Here, she talked about what the project is all about and the steps it will follow to accomplish great results in the future of its life term.

This initiative is organized by the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega e Barroso in partnership with AquaValor and aims to enhance the resource “Water” as an aggregator element of the territory, in its four fundamental dimensions – Thermalism, Agriculture, Tourism and Energy, as a distinctive/identitary value, aggregator and potentiator of economic growth of the region.

MAR2PROTECT – which was launched last December 1st- will provide a holistic approach to prevent groundwater contamination from climate change impacts, through different innovative technologies. 

Additionally, ‘Kick off Meeting’ will be held next 12th-13th December at the FEUGA base in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This meeting will take place to explore future steps during this project’s four-year life term.

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