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To ensure a high replication potential, M-AI-R Decision Support System will collect information from 7 demo sites in 4 European countries (Portugal, Italy, Spain, Netherlands) and 2 in non-European countries (Tunisia, South Africa).

These demo sites were selected to be the representative of a wide panorama in terms of climatic conditions, type of groundwater pollution, water sources used for Managed Aquifer Recharge, political/societal context, and to maximize the potential replication of the MAR2PROTECT holistic approach and impact. All demo sites include a coastal aquifer affected by salinity intrusion. Demo sites were carefully chosen by their degree of maturity from previous successful projects developed by the partners.

The list of demo sites includes: Katwijk, Tunisia, Frielas, Emilia-Romagna, Cape Flats, Marbella and Lima River Estuary

You can learn all things related to the demo site on their specific pages in our section for Demo Sites on our web.