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Water Innovation and Circularity Conference (WICC)

June 7 - June 9

The Sanitary Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the National Technical untersity of Athens is delighted to invite you to the Water Innovation and Circularity Conference (WICC). Innovation needs to be coupled with circularity in the water sector to accomplish the transition from a linear to a circular economy. The event is organized within the framework of the Horizon2020 EU Innovation Action project of HYDROUSA “Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region Grant Agreement No776643, which has successfully demonstrated the valorization of non-conventional water sources in remote, water scarce areas of the Mediterranean Region.

Authors are invited to submit a 2-page extended abstract which will include introduction, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and references. To be accepted for the Conference, the submissions must report work that is novel, well described, and suited to the Conference themes. Submissions must contain original data and meet international ethical standards. Selection criteria include high technical quality, relevance to the conference themes, and significant information content. Abstracts that are deemed commercial in nature will not be accepted.

To submit your abstract please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Enter the corresponding author details.
  2. Enter the type of presentation that is preferred (oral or poster).
  3. Enter the title of your abstract.
  4. Enter the conference topic that is most appropriate for your abstract.
  5. Enter Keywords (3-5)
  6. Enter the details of authors and nominate presenting author.
  7. Please name the file WICC2023_Your surname, e.g. WICC2023_Frank.pdf.
  8. Upload your abstract as pdf document.

Download a sample abstract


June 7
June 9
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